Scar Leg Tiyospaye
The history of Scar Leg

As told by the sole living descendents of

Tunkasila (Grandfather)

Mato Niyanpi (Saved By Bear)

The Beginning


The origin of the Lakota begins with Wind Cave in He Sapa (the Black Hills).

It is here, where we left the Spirit world and entered the physical world of existence.  We are Earth woman and Earth man in her honor, the keepers of the land.  Co-existence with all life is Creator's asking.  We believe in the hoop, or circle of life.  All of Creator's beings are needed, and contribute to life on Unci Maka (Grandmother Earth).

Our lands were pristine and pure, offering abundant sustenance.  Reverence and respect were practiced by the human.  A civilization with proven tradition and culture emerged.